Lake Waters

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Lake Waters

Pristine Life-Style Villas- Exceptional Community Living, Crafted Just For You

Home to 31 families, this community makes it incredibly easy to meet new people, have great conversations, and create lifelong friendships. Experience a lifelong joy of community living!

The urban gardener has innumerable outlets to engage in his passion with villas that branch out into indoor courtyard and plantation areas, a private backyard; balconies, and of course the terrace.

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  • Book balcony seats & get inspired by the show ‘nature’ puts out in the mornings & evenings, each day, from your private terrace. Go, Picasso! Go, Beethoven!
  • Open and super-ventilated kitchens, attached to a spacious outdoor utility area is the place to create, share and preserve the flavours of life, for years to come. And oh, did we mention, you can grow your very own organic veggies, right in your backyard?
  • Welcome the outdoors, inside! Experience a seamless interaction of the indoors and outdoors, in thoughtfully designed villas, that come with attached backyards, balconies and terraces.
  • A whole new dimension to movie viewing! Get stimulated with an unmatchable experience at your very own personal home theatre space as you watch the golden classics and the blockbusters.
  • Get your pulse racing and adrenaline flowing, as you stay healthy with sports avenues like no other. There’s the Futsal court, an indoor badminton court, a volleyball court, swimming pool, cricket pitch and more.
  • Create memories with fellow residents and enjoy a peaceful tryst with life every day. The all-pervasive greenery can start a banter and the seating areas across the community and the amphitheatre form the perfect platform for cultural celebrations with fellow residents.
  • Our outdoor play area encourages kids to play and interact, positively impacting their overall growth. You too can make some new friends at these children-centric spaces like open-air gyms, "Play Tag" spaces and indoor game areas.
  • We love pets and have a cute play space for them to have fun and connect with other furry friends.
  • Find exhilarating party spaces and entertainment areas for your esteemed guests. Host friends and family at the banquet hall and entertainment spaces. Athithi devo bhava!

If this is you, You belong right HERE!